With the theme ‘Unity and Creativity,’ Hiep Nghia Group recently organized the Year-End Gala 2019 on January 10, 2020, creating a lively, warm, and joyful atmosphere. The Year-End Gala provided an opportunity for the Leadership Team and members of Hiep Nghia Group to set aside work-related matters and come together to celebrate, reflecting on the past year. The gala was attended by the Leadership Team, friendly partners, and the collective of employees at Hiep Nghia Group.
Year-End Gala 2019 – ‘Unity and Creativity”
The opening performance of the Year-End Gala 2019. At the beginning of the Gala, the Chief Advisor of Hiep Nghia Group’s Leadership Team delivered a speech, sharing experiences and conveying core values and directions that the Group needs to preserve and enhance in the future.
Chief Advisor – Leadership Team of Hiep Nghia Group, Mr. Thân Sinh, who is also the Chairman of the Board and Acting CEO of the Group In the joyful atmosphere of the Gala, Mr. Nguyễn Bảo Họp, the Representative of the Board of Directors and the Acting CEO of Hiep Nghia Group, shared the theme of the Year-End Gala, ‘Unity and Creativity.’ He also assessed the business and production activities of the past year. During the Gala, he extended New Year wishes and expressed gratitude to the partners and all employees who attended.
Mr. Nguyễn Bảo Họp, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Acting CEO of Hiep Nghia Group, shared insights into the spirit of the Year-End Gala program: ‘Unity and Creativity” The Gala is a sincere expression of gratitude from the leadership to all the employees who have dedicated their utmost efforts to the development of Hiep Nghia Group. It is a moment to honor outstanding individuals and teams in the journey of the past year, especially featuring an artistic feast within the ‘HIEP NGHIA TALENT‘ program. To achieve success in 2019, the Group acknowledges the explosive growth and significant contributions of all employees. The Group’s leadership has made decisions to commend and honor teams and individuals who have achieved outstanding results in 2019.
The outstanding individuals and teams of 2019 at Hiep Nghia Group The opening performance of the ‘HIEP NGHIA TALENT‘ program was the act ‘Like Spring Flowers‘ presented by the Sales Accounting – Administration – Marketing Department, bringing a lively and cheerful atmosphere to the last days of the year.
The performance ‘Like Spring Flowers,’ presented by the Sales Accounting – Administration – Marketing Department.
The second performance: A solo rendition of the song ‘Mùa xuân bên cửa sổ’ (Spring by the window), presented by Nguyễn Chánh Linh from the Hard Factory. Adding to the jubilant atmosphere of the HIEP NGHIA TALENT program, the third performance was presented by the Technical Department with a comedic sketch titled ‘Tấm Cám’ under the theme ‘Honesty.’ Completely different from their usual roles, the Technical Department underwent a remarkable transformation with outstanding makeup and portrayed various characters in the sketch. This brought surprises, excitement, emotional peaks, and hearty laughter to the Judges and the entire audience at the Gala.
Next, the Financial Accounting – Import-Export – Material Planning Department took the stage with a chorus performance ‘Liên khúc mùa xuân’ (Spring Medley), stirring many hearts with the anticipation of Tet and the arrival of spring.
After the chorus performance ‘Liên khúc mùa xuân,’ the members of Hiep Nghia Group were treated to a visually captivating display with the fashion show ‘Thời trang bao bì 4.0’ (Packaging Fashion 4.0) by the PU Paint Factory. Drawing inspiration from branded paint cans such as Opec, Nanopuk, Nanopec, Leve4.0, and more, the show highlighted the strong connection between these brands and Hiep Nghia Group over the past 20 years. This performance was highly anticipated and became one of the highlights of the Gala night. The ‘Thời trang bao bì 4.0’ collection truly brought many surprises, emotions, and impressions to the Judges and members of Hiep Nghia Group, showcasing the enthusiasm, creativity, and talent of the PU Paint Factory team.
The PU Paint Factory also presented a gentle and profound performance about spring at the Gala night, featuring a solo rendition of the song ‘Mùa xuân chim én bay’ (Spring, where swallows fly). After the gentle and profound performance of ‘Mùa chim én bay,’ the Judges and members of Hiep Nghia Group enjoyed the sketch ‘Sơn về với bản’ (Paint returns to the village), presented by the Northern Branch.
The chorus performance ‘Xuân yêu thương’ (Spring of Love), presented by the Quy Nhon Branch. Next in the HIEP NGHIA TALENT program was the lively chorus performance ‘Bài hát chúc xuân’ (Spring Wish Song) by the Sales Department. The modern dance accompaniment by the sales warriors added an energetic touch to the performance.
The final performance of the ‘HIEP NGHIA TALENT’ program came from the Hard Factory, featuring a Hip-hop dance titled ‘Hiệp Nghĩa Khỏe’ (Healthy Hiep Nghia). This performance showcased the vitality and enthusiasm of the members of Hiep Nghia Group.
The performance: ‘Hiệp Nghĩa Khỏe’ by the Hard Factory The HIEP NGHIA TALENT program, featuring 10 performances from various teams within the Hiep Nghia Group, brought a dynamic and joyful atmosphere. It uncovered hidden talents and, most importantly, showcased the spirit of unity and creativity within a collective, a dedicated and passionate family. The cleverness, talent, and creativity displayed in each performance made the Judges face a tough decision in determining the top positions. In the end, the Judges decided to award the first prize to two performances from the PU Paint Factory and the Technical Department.
Some images of the Judging Panel.
The first prize goes to the fashion show performance ‘Thời trang bao bì 4.0’ (Packaging Fashion 4.0) by the PU Paint Factory and the sketch ‘Tấm Cám’ presented by the Technical Department
The second prize goes to the comedic sketch performance ‘Sơn về với bản’ (Paint returns to the village) presented by the Northern Branch.
The third prize goes to the Hip-hop dance performance ‘Hiệp Nghĩa Khỏe’ (Healthy Hiep Nghia) by the Hard Factory.
The encouragement award goes to the ‘HIEP NGHIA TALENT’ program
At the Year-End Gala, Hiep Nghia Group also presented awards for the Team Building 2020 program ‘Hiệp Nghĩa Đoàn Kết’ held in the afternoon of the same day, January 10, 2020 In addition, the fiery visit to the “Lucky Star” at the year-end Gala was very exciting, exciting and extremely surprising, interwoven with the competition performances.
Special prize of the lucky draw program "Lucky Star"
First prize of the lucky draw program "Lucky Star"
Second & Third prizes of the lucky draw program "Lucky Star"
Some pictures at the year-end Gala:
Hiep Nghia Group's year-end gala ended with many deep impressions in each contest performance, the careful investment and enthusiasm of the Group's members. At the end of the Gala, celebratory glasses of wine were raised, good wishes were given to each other, all employees of the Group gathered, met, shared and interacted, after a year of effort and excitement. fighting for the next brilliant development journey of Hiep Nghia Group.
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