Suzuki Suzuki Blind Van - Truck and Car Sales

The program of truck and pickup truck sales to Dai Ly achieved high sales as a sincere expression of gratitude to customers who have accompanied the service products of Hiep Nghia Co., Ltd throughout last time. The program is also a commitment from our company, that is will always accompany Dali Agent helps sales force, strong growth and continuous for many consecutive years.

Recently, on August 2nd, Suzuki Suzuki Showroom honored Suzuki Blind Van award ceremony between Company and Agent Tien Dat. At the awarding ceremony of Hiep Nghia Company, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Le_Vice President of Sales, presented the Suzuki Blind Van to Mr. Nguyen Ba Chanh_General Manager of Tien Dat.

Representatives of Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Le (right) and Mr. Tien Dat Mr. Nguyen Ba Chanh (on the left)

Share of Mr. Nguyen Ba Chanh - Agent of Tien Dat

I am very happy to receive the car Blind Van that the company offers, this car I can transport convenient, fast delivery and meet the needs of customers faster. "Truck and pickup trucking program" is a program that I personally think is very necessary for agencies like me to participate in the program besides helping my agent promote sales but also help dealers Enhance the prestige in the heart of customers. Again, I would like to thank the Company!

Picture at the Blind Van Car Awards - Truck and pickup investment program_1

Picture at the Blind Van Car Awards - Truck and pickup investment program_2

Representatives of Hiep Nghia Company and Tien Dat Agent

Through Awards Ceremony we are looking forward to having more dealers pick up trucks to have more means to transport goods conveniently.

Join the "Truck and pickup truck program", in addition to getting the real value of the car, dealers also enhance their reputation, growth with customers. It is the greatest value that resellers receive to ensure sustainable development in the future.

To find out more about the "Truck and pickup truck" program, contact HIEP NGHIA TRADING SERVICE & PRODUCTION COMPANY LIMITED on 0236 3721 219 for detailed advice.

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